Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Bell Inn - Aldworth Berkshire

Ah, The Bell - perhaps my favourite pub. Out in rural Berkshire, and a short walk from Oxfordshire is a pub that shows that you don't have to pander to current fashions to be successful. Everything is kept simple but effective. Kingsdown Ale is on the ancient taps, but lager is only in bottles. If you want cider, it's made just a few miles down the road.

Food is mainly rolls filled with a big slab of roast ham/stilton/proper cheddar/salt beef etc etc all slightly warmed up. They all cost less than £2 but try to stick to just having one.

The pub has been in the same family forever and they are lovely. Last time we went as I was walking in with a camera in one hand and a golden retriever's lead in the other, I had a chocolate almond pushed into my mouth by the matriarch of the family.

The only downside is it's proximity to Henley/Goring etc. means that there's always a competition to try to get the most expensive car parked in front of the pub on a Sunday, but there's always a good mix inside.


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